an ongoing series of island like forms, born 2019

plaster and pigment

Responding to the times we are living through, a fuller acquaintance with the archipelago invites the viewer to navigate a co-created Lilliputian world. As observation gives way to imagination, it is possible to mentally inhabit the fossilized and fragile cast sculptures as a series of islands, surrounded by sea.

All islands are separated from each other, but some stand alone, while others are in pairs or groups. The now evident architecture and topology of the mostly bleached islands may suggest abandonment associated with a dystopian world.

Modelling an idea of the individual within the collective, through viewers’ curiosity and engagement, the installation elicits questions and ideas around community and relationship as well as culture and environment.

Photos: Alex Brattell




The Souvenir Collection is a series of new works made in response to a tiny 19C souvenir locket containing multiple views of Hastings, which is held in the collections of Hastings Museum & Art Gallery. The images in the Souvenir Collection are personal souvenirs of life lived by the seaside. The works are in the SoCo Artists, ‘Collect’ exhibition at Hastings Museum & Art Gallery, open to the public from 7 July – 30 September, 2018.

The Collection:
Precious Sea
Souvenir, St Leonards on Sea
a day by the sea, Hastings & St Leonards
Mirror Sea
Seaside Twist

Three of the images have been produced as souvenir badges.





As part of the 2012 Coastal Currents Visual Arts Festival in Hastings and St Leonards on Sea, Rarities Productions presents colourful and curious objects in the Rarities Productions headquarters – a beach hut in St Leonards. Your visit will be a chance to stop, stare and drink a mug of tea, perhaps poured by one of our visiting Guest or Celebrity Tea Makers…..

The event marks the launch of the Rarities Productions website, which can be accessed via our QR code. Visit us at Beach Hut 2 (blue & orange, 6th along), East of Haven, Cinque Ports Way, St Leonards TN38 0FD

We are open on 15 – 16 and 22 – 23 September 2012, on Saturdays from 12 – 5pm, Sundays from 12 – 4pm.

Guest and Celebrity Tea Makers:
Roz Cran on 15th from 3.30-5pm
Su Warren on 16th from 2-4pm
Chris Dodwell & Alison Cooper on 22nd from 2-4pm
Erica Smith on 23rd from 2-4pm




Rarities Productions generates an eclectic range of projects, through curiosity and interaction.